Pacific Alpacas is a fibre pool that collects alpaca fibre from growers in New Zealand.

Code of Welfare

Pacific Alpacas requires all its growers to be fully compliant with the Code of Welfare requirements as detailed in the Code of Welfare: Llamas and Alpacas issued by the Minister of Agriculture dated 1 October 2018, and any amendments. A copy of this Code of Welfare may be found HERE and any grower wanting to supply fibre to the Pacific Alpacas fibre pool will be required to complete and send to [email protected] a Code of Welfare attestation, as found HERE

Pacific Alpacas will refuse to accept fibre from any person(s) who, in Pacific Alpacas sole discretion, fails to meet any of the requirements of the Code of Welfare: Llamas and Alpacas.

We collect,
we sell,
we pay,

Pacific Alpacas is a New Zealand located fibre pool
that collects alpaca fibre from local growers.

The alpaca fibre is then sorted,
scoured, and sold to domestic
and international buyers.


We have sold over
50,000kgs since
2010 for our growers.

What to expect as a grower

Our collection points

We have collection points all across New Zealand
to make it easy for your fibre to get to us.

Ensure you have your FCR and weight sheet  completed when dropping off your fibre. Collection Points will not accept your fibre if you have not registered. Click here to register.

North Island 

Haugh Rigg Farm
Contact person: Collen Fisher
Ph or email: 027 241 4399 or [email protected]
Area: Whangarei


Matakana Alpacas
Contact person: Cushla de Clare
Ph: 027 850 0295
Area: Maungatapere, Northland


Contact person: Valerie Bushell
Ph or text: 027 486 8756
Area: Matakohe


Gumtree Gully
Contact person: Kathy Roscoe
Ph or text: 021 577 789
Area: Warkworth


Pacific Alpacas Head Office No 2
Contact person: Michelle
Ph: 027 345 5856
Area: Albany Auckland


Jan White
Contact person: Jan White
Ph or text: 07 826 4460 or [email protected]
Area: Te Kauwhata


Q Taz Alpacas
Contact person: Lyn Skilling
Ph: 07 862 4646 or 027 213 2212
Area: Paeroa


Nevalea Alpacas
Contact person: Leonie or Neville Walker
Ph: 07 896 6333
Area: Taumarunui


Hill Country Alpacas
Contact person: Laraine Carter
Ph: 021 122 8952
Area: Katikati


Lisa, Reeves
Contact person: Lisa, Reeves
Ph: 022 324 5442
Area: Ohauiti Tauranga


Bruden Alpacas
Contact person: Denise and Bruce
Ph or text: 027 500 5016
Area: Ngongotaha, Rotorua


Brenor Alpacas
Contact person: Brendra Gainsford
Ph or text: 07 332 2336 or 021 275 3720
Area: Ngongotaha, Rotorua


Bonnack Grove Alpacas
Contact person: Peter & Stephanie
Ph or text: 021 144 8043
Area: Feilding


Contact person: Trish Watson
Ph or text: 021 450 088
Area: New Plymouth


Contact person: Yvonnne or Donald Monk
Ph or text: 06-857 7221 or 021 114 5315
Area: Waipawa


Te Korito Alpacas
Contact person: Stephen Kellam
Ph or text: 021 813 746
Area: Wanganui


Puketia Alpacas
Contact person: Debbie Lattey
Ph or text or email: 04 293 3252 or 021 689 348 or [email protected]
Area: Paraparaumu, Waikanae


Koroki Alpacas
Contact person: Cherryl
Ph or text: 06 379 7892 or 022 025 4062
Area: Masterton Clateville, Carterton


Cynthia Ogilvy
Contact person: Cynthia
Ph or text: 022 355 0337
Area: Katikati


South Island 

Altnaharra Alpacas
Contact person: Fay Christie
Ph: 021 522 692
Area: Upper Moutere Nelson


Chris Kempthorne
Contact person: Chris Kempthorne
Ph: 027 606 2874
Area: Brightwater, Nelson


Drysdale Alpaca
Contact person: Angela McNaughton
Ph or text: 021 45 6234
Area: Alexandra


Little Oaks Alpacas
Contact person: Allan Grant
Ph or text: 027 227 5430
Area: Oamaru


Geardale Alpacas
Contact person: Philip Geary
Ph or text: 027 208 0027
Area: Gore


Cornish Point Development Ltd (Head Office No1)
Ph or text: 021 484 936
Area: Cromwell


Warwickz Farm
Elaine Warwick
Ph: 03 325 4116
Area: Dunsandel, Canterbury


Windermere Alpacas
Contact person: Brenda McLean
Ph or text: 022 323 6411
Area: Dipton


Bruce Farm Alpacas
Contact person: Kim & Kathryn Palin
Ph or text: 027 55 0796
Area: Hillend


Karaka Alpacas
Contact person: Greg Knox
Ph or text: 027 758 4736
Area: Dunedin


Chris Dahlberg
Contact person: Chris Dahlberg
Ph or text: 021 663 334
Area: North Canterbury


The Wool Shed & More
Contact person: Sandy
Ph or text: 021 631 793
Area: Waikouaiti


Otaio Bridge Alpacas
Contact person: Ineke Van Neuren
Ph or text: 021 0243 6087
Area: Waimate ( Timaru )


Sunstone Alpacas
Contact person: Simon Newcombe
Ph or text: 027 410 0418
Area: Timaru


Kepler Mountain
Contact person: Jessie Haanen
Ph or email: 0273545960 or [email protected]
Area: Manapouri


Contact person: Shelly Chainey
Ph or text: 027 229 9367
Area: Makarewa, Invercargill


Alpaca Gully
Contact person: Jenny
Ph or text: 021 038 5320
Area: Greta Valley

How to use a bale clip

Frequently asked questions

When do I get paid?

As shown in our process cycle above or see the diagram here, payout typically occurs November-December each year.

How much do I get paid?

This depends on the amount and quality of the fibre you supply to our pool.

How do I know I will get paid?

Our buy line is “We collect, we sell, we pay, guaranteed”. Pacific Alpacas has not missed a single payout since it started operations.

When do you start picking up fibre?

See above process cycle or view the diagram here. Typically mid to late September each year, subject to the vagaries of the weather and its effect on shearing.

When do you stop picking up fibre?

See above process cycle or view the diagram here. Typically, May 31st each year, subject to the vagaries of the weather and its effect on shearing.

When does the “season” run?

See above process cycle or view the diagram here.

Where can I drop off the fibre?

Pacific Alpacas have several Collection Points situated at strategic locations throughout the country. Please refer to the list and map.

What hours are you open?

Office hours, plus Saturday mornings.

What information do you need to open and account for me?

You can download a form from this website which lists the information we need.  As an absolute minimum we need full name and physical address (for collection purposes), your bank account details and GST number (if applicable) and contact details. Not providing the information we require can delay payout.

What is a PAG number?

PAG = Pacific Alpacas Grower. It is simply an account number we allocate every grower so facilitate identification and avoid any confusion in labelling bags etc.

How long have you been doing this?

Our first season was 2010/11.

How many kgs did you collect in 2018?


How many Growers do you work with?

Obviously it varies year to year, for the 2017/18 season 431 growers contributed to the pool.

Do you take fibre of all colours?

Yes, Pacific Alpacas accepts all colours of huacaya and suri.

How often should I shear?

For the sake of your animals’ welfare, so they do not suffer from heat exhaustion in our hot summers, you should shear once per year, preferably in spring.

What is the shortest fibre you will take?


Do I have to know the microns?

No, but if you don’t then you will be paid as if the fibre you provided was all D-grade (greater than 28 microns) and suitable only for duvets.

Can you test the microns of my fibre?

Yes, but there is a charge for us to do this.

Is there a minimum quantity you will take?

No, we will take as little as one fleece.

Can I sell your NBL and keep the blankets?

Yes, but we pay a premium to growers that provide us ‘all’ their fibre as opposed to just their NBL.

When do you pick up fibre?

See above process cycle or view the diagram here.

Do I have to give you my website?

No, but since we are a pool dedicated to maximising the return to New Zealand growers we can think of no logical reason you would want to withhold this information.

Do I have to have a website?


Can I get paid immediately?

It is Pacific Alpacas’ policy to offer interim payout up to the grower credit amount to growers who contribute over 500kg of fibre; with adjustment at the end of the season of any additional amount due. If applicable and you would like to accept this offer, you will be asked to issue us an invoice for grower credit amount and it will be paid within 60 days.     

How much fibre do I have to have to get paid fast?


Do I have to be a member?


What does it cost to be a member of Pacific Alpacas?

We don’t have members, simply contributing growers and there is no cost to being a contributing grower.

Do I have to be listed on your website?


Can I make more than the amount I will receive for my fibre?

Absolutely. As a participating grower you are entitled to “Growers Price” discount on all Pacific Alpacas range of alpaca duvet inners and blankets/throws. Growers Price is significantly less than wholesale and we encourage growers to take advantage of this incentive to purchase and on-sell our products, thereby significantly leveraging the income from their fibre.

What are Grower Credits (previously called Fibre Credits)?

Grower Credit is simply the amount of credit Pacific Alpacas is prepared to extend to any contributing grower towards the purchase of our products by that grower. It represents our comfortable exposure based in the ‘security’ provided through fibre supplied. It varies year to year but is simply the amount of fibre your provide multiplied by an amount that we estimate will be our MINIMUM payout per kg for the lowest grade of fibre.

Can I be a Collection Point?

Any grower can offer to be a Collection Point. Without exception, Collection Points are “just” growers, like yourselves, who have put their hands-up the help the pool by opening up their property to accept fibre on behalf of the Pacifica Alpacas Fibre Pool, thereby reducing the miles our drivers have to cover to collect all your fibre; with associated cost savings for us all. If we don’t have a Collection Point in your vicinity already you are more than welcome to ‘put your hand up ‘  – please do.

Do I get paid for being a Collection Point?

Yes. We pay a fixed amount per kg to Collection Points for fibre that we collection from them.

Do I get paid for pressing my fibre?

Yes. If you press your fibre onto bales of 120kg or more we an amount per kg for the pressing. This also applies for Collection Points that press fibre prior to collection.

Can I send you our fibre in plastic or paper bags?

No. We do not accept fibre in anything other than Pacific Alpacas’ fibre bags, fadges, bales or BINs.

How do I get your fibre bags?

Simply call or email and we will send some out to you.

Do your fibre bags cost me anything?

No, they are completely free and are sent out freight free.

Are the bags reusable?

Yes. They are printed both sides with the information we need for tracking purpose. We also turn them inside-out after two years; so theoretically they are useable for 4-years.

How many fleeces fit in a bag?

Approximately 4 or 5.

Sounds like a lot of paperwork – what forms do I need to complete?

No it isn’t. All you need to do is complete a Fibre Consignment Receipt “FCR” (most of which we complete for you) and a bag weights sheet. That’s it.

What happens to my fibre?

After it is collected it is shipped to Pacific Alpacas’ sorting facility in Cromwell, Central Otago where it is weighed, sorted by colour, graded and pressed into bales of similar colours/grades. These bales are then sent to the scouring plant. The scoured fibre is then sold or used by Pacific Alpacas to manufacture its range of products.

Can I buy Pacific Alpacas product?

Absolutely, we encourage you to take part in our Growers Price programme and thereby earn additional income buying and on-selling our products.

Is there a wholesale price for growers for finished items?

Participating growers buy at less than wholesale price. We have a dedicated ‘Growers Price’ that is significantly less than our standard wholesale price.

Do you need my bank account number?

Only if you want to be paid for your fibre. So, yes, we need your bank account number. There is space on the FCR for you to provide this.

Do you need a GST number?

If you are registered for GST we do need your GST number or your payout will not include GST.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Any of our staff can assist you but in the first instance please contact [email protected] or call us on 021-762 051.

What departments are there for Sales, Ordering product, Setting up account, Payments and invoices, Customer service and Administration in Cromwell and Albany?

Pacific Alpacas is a fibre pool. It is ‘New Zealand’s fibre pool’. It is your fibre pool and we run it lean and mean so we can return the maximum possible payout to growers!

Do you offer scouring?

Not directly. All fibre sent to Pacific Alpacas is scoured at Canterbury Wool Scourers in Timaru currently.

Do you offer carding?


Do you offer spinning?


Do I have to be a member of AANZ to participate?


The grower’s bags are printed both sides. Do we need to complete the details on both sides?

No, please don’t. We are hoping to be able to re-use the bags for at least two years, so once we have emptied them and recorded the information off them plus their weight etc. we will cross out the completed side and re-issue to bags.

What is the best way to seal the bags?

We find that bale clips work best, as shown here. We also have this helpful video here. Unless the bag is really full you will probably find that one clip is enough per bag. If you don’t have any bale clips we can send you some or you can easily buy them from places like RD1.

The aim of the bags and bale clips is to streamline our processes and minimise time lost doing unproductive things like trying to get a bag open that has been secured with the mother of all granny knots!

When our driver calls to collect your fibre please make sure he leaves you bags for next year; the policy is to replace the number of bags he collects and he will also leave you bale clips if you ask him. One per bag. We supply these free as they make our job easier.

Please DO NOT tie the bags up, tape or staple them up etc.

The aim of the bags and bale clips is to streamline our processes and minimise time lost doing unproductive things like trying to get a bag open that has been secured with the mother of all granny knots!

When our driver calls to collect your fibre please make sure he leaves you bags for next year; the policy is to replace the number of bags he collects and he will also leave you bale clips if you ask him. One per bag. We supply these free as they make our job easier.

Looking for bulk product or fleece?

Pacific Alpacas offers an opportunity to buy bulk product, raw, scoured or treated alpaca fleece so that you can apply this amazing material to your own projects.

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